authunix_create - Linux


authunix_create is a utility used to create and manage UNIX authentication permissions and passwords for PostgreSQL databases. It enables system administrators to grant database access to operating system users without requiring them to specify a separate password for the database.


authunix_create [-D <DB_HOME>] [-u <USER>] [-g <GROUP>] <DATABASE>


  • -D <DB_HOME>: Specify the PostgreSQL data directory. Defaults to the value of the PGDATA environment variable.
  • -u : Specify the operating system user to grant access to.
  • -g : Specify the operating system group to grant access to.
  • : The PostgreSQL database name to grant access to.


Create access for a user:

authunix_create -u john pgdb

Create access for a user and a group:

authunix_create -u john -g users pgdb

Create access for a group:

authunix_create -g users pgdb

Common Issues

  • Permission denied error: Ensure the user or group specified has sufficient permissions to access the specified database.
  • User already exists error: If the user already exists in the database, use authunix_modify to modify their permissions instead.


authunix_create can be integrated with other PostgreSQL management tools, such as psql or pg_hba.conf. By combining these commands, administrators can create granular access control policies for their databases.

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