ausearch_next_event - Linux


ausearch_next_event is a command-line utility used to search for audit events stored in the Linux Audit Framework (auditd) event queue. It retrieves and prints information about the next queued event. This command is particularly useful for analyzing audit events in real-time or in a continuous monitoring context.


ausearch_next_event [-h] [-f FIELD]


  • -h, –help: Display help information about the command.
  • -f, –field FIELD: Specify the audit event field to print. By default, the entire event is printed.


Retrieve the next queued event


Retrieve the next queued event and print only the timestamp field

ausearch_next_event -f timestamp

Common Issues

No events found

If ausearch_next_event returns no events, it means the auditd event queue is empty. Verify that auditd is running and collecting events.


ausearch_next_event can be integrated with other Linux commands and tools to automate event analysis and alerting. For example, it can be combined with grep to filter events based on specific criteria:

ausearch_next_event | grep -E "type=LOGIN|type=AUTHENTICATION"

Related Commands

  • auditctl: Controls and configures auditd settings.
  • ausearch: Searches for audit events in the audit log.