auparse_normalize_subject_secondary - Linux


auparse_normalize_subject_secondary is a command-line tool for normalizing secondary subject lines in Apple Mail data. It converts them to the traditional format to ensure compatibility when importing to other email clients.


auparse_normalize_subject_secondary [options] <input-file> <output-file>


  • -d, –dry-run: Simulate the normalization process without modifying the input file.
  • -q, –quiet: Suppress all non-error output.
  • -s, –separator: Specify the separator used between the subject and secondary subject lines (default: |).


Simple usage:

auparse_normalize_subject_secondary infile.mbox outfile.mbox

Using the separator option:

auparse_normalize_subject_secondary -s ':' infile.mbox outfile.mbox

Dry run mode:

auparse_normalize_subject_secondary -d infile.mbox outfile.mbox

Common Issues

  • Incorrect subject lines: If the secondary subject line is not in the expected format, the normalization process may not work correctly.
  • Corrupted input files: Ensure that the input Apple Mail data file is not corrupted before running the command.


Combine with auparse for complete normalization:

auparse --normalize-subject | auparse_normalize_subject_secondary

Related Commands

  • auparse: Main Apple Mail parsing tool
  • auselect: Extract data from Apple Mail files