auparse_normalize_subject_kind - Linux


auparse_normalize_subject_kind is a command-line utility for normalizing subject kind strings in URIs. It is commonly used in applications involving subject and resource definitions in the context of authorization policies.


auparse_normalize_subject_kind [OPTIONS] <subject_kind>


  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -d, –debug: Enable debug mode for detailed output.
  • -e, –error: Print error messages only.
  • -p, –partial: Allow partial matching of subject kinds.
  • -s, –schema: Normalize the subject kind using the specified schema.


Normalize a subject kind string:

auparse_normalize_subject_kind service-account

Normalize a subject kind string with partial matching:

auparse_normalize_subject_kind -p user

Normalize a subject kind string using a specific schema:

auparse_normalize_subject_kind -s rbac subject-kind

Common Issues

  • Invalid subject kind: The provided subject kind string may not be a valid value. Check the official documentation for valid subject kinds.
  • Ambiguous subject kind: Partial matching may lead to ambiguities when multiple subject kinds partially match the input.


auparse_normalize_subject_kind can be integrated with other tools and commands for more advanced tasks, such as:

  • Policy evaluation and enforcement
  • Authorization server configuration
  • Access control list management

Related Commands

  • auparse_validate_subject_kind: Validates a subject kind string according to a schema.
  • auparse_expand_subject_kind: Expands a normalized subject kind string into its full definition.