auparse_normalize_object_primary - Linux


auparse_normalize_object_primary normalizes a primary object of an AU file. It removes all time references and handles loop points and sample durations to ensure proper playback.


auparse_normalize_object_primary [options] <input> <output>


  • -h, –help: Display help information.
  • -o, –output-format: Specify the output file format (au, wav). Default: au.
  • -r, –rate: Resample the output audio to the specified rate (Hz). Default: 44100.
  • -c, –channels: Specify the number of channels in the output audio. Default: 2.
  • -b, –bits: Specify the bit depth of the output audio. Default: 16.
  • -l, –loop: Define the loop points in the output audio. Format: start_time:end_time.
  • -d, –duration: Specify the duration of the output audio in seconds.


Normalize a primary object to 44100 Hz with 16-bit depth and 2 channels:

auparse_normalize_object_primary -r 44100 -b 16 -c 2

Normalize a primary object and set loop points:

auparse_normalize_object_primary -l 5:10

Common Issues

  • Incorrect output file format: Ensure the specified output format is supported (au or wav).
  • Invalid loop points: Loop points must be within the duration of the primary object.
  • Missing input or output files: Verify that both the input and output file names are correct.


Combine with sox for advanced processing:

auparse_normalize_object_primary | sox -t au - rate 48000

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