auparse_goto_record_num - Linux


The auparse_goto_record_num utility allows users to navigate within an audio file and jump to a specific record number. It provides a convenient way to quickly locate and access specific sections of audio recordings.


auparse_goto_record_num [-h] [-l LEVEL] [-i INPUT] RECORD_NUM


  • -h: Display help and usage information.
  • -l: Set the log level (0-6), where 0 is silent and 6 is verbose (default: 0).
  • -i: Specify the input audio file (default: standard input)


  • Jump to the 5th record in an audio file:
auparse_goto_record_num 5
  • Navigate to the 10th record in the file while setting the log level to 1 (info):
auparse_goto_record_num -l 1 -i 10

Common Issues

  • Error: No audio file specified: Ensure the input audio file is correctly specified using the -i flag.
  • Error: Record number out of range: Specify a valid record number that exists within the audio file.


auparse_goto_record_num can be integrated with other Linux commands or tools, such as:

  • ffplay: Play the audio file starting from the specified record number.
  • ffmpeg: Extract a specific section of the audio file based on the record number.

Related Commands

  • auparse_get_stats: Get statistics and information about an audio file.
  • auparse_split_records: Split an audio file into individual records.