auparse_get_type_name - Linux


auparse_get_type_name is a command-line utility used for analyzing audit records and extracting information about system calls and events. It specifically provides the ability to retrieve the system call type name for a given integer value representing a system call number.


auparse_get_type_name [OPTIONS] <syscall_number>


  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -V, –version: Show version information.


To get the system call name for syscall number 2:

auparse_get_type_name 2



Common Issues

  • Missing system call number: The command will exit with an error if the provided syscall number is not valid.
  • Invalid system call number: Ensure the provided syscall number is an integer within the valid range.


auparse_get_type_name can be integrated with other tools and commands for forensic analysis and system security investigations. For example, it can be used with ausearch to analyze audit logs and identify specific system calls.

Related Commands

  • ausearch: Search and analyze audit logs.
  • augenrules: Generate audit rules.
  • auditctl: Control audit settings.