auparse_get_milli - Linux


auparse_get_milli is a Linux command that parses timestamp strings in the "HH:MM:SS:ms" format and extracts the millisecond component. This is particularly useful for extracting timing data from log files, performance reports, and other sources where timestamps are recorded in this format.


auparse_get_milli [TIMESTAMP_STRING]
  • TIMESTAMP_STRING: (Required) Timestamp in the format "HH:MM:SS:ms".




  • Simple Usage:
$ auparse_get_milli 10:20:30:450
  • Complex Usage (with other commands):
$ grep "timestamp" logfile | cut -d: -f 5 | auparse_get_milli | sort -rn

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the input timestamp string follows the correct "HH:MM:SS:ms" format.
  • Use single quotes around the timestamp string to prevent shell expansion issues.


auparse_get_milli can be easily integrated into scripts and pipelines to extract milliseconds from timestamps consistently and efficiently.

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