auparse_get_field_type - Linux


auparse_get_field_type is a command-line tool used to retrieve the type of a field within a structured data format (e.g., Avro, CSV, JSON) based on a given schema. It is designed to facilitate data analysis, transformation, and validation tasks by providing insights into the data structure.


auparse_get_field_type [OPTIONS] SCHEMA FILE [FIELD_PATH]


  • -f, --field-path: Specify a specific field path within the schema to retrieve the type of.
  • -j, --json: Output the field type as JSON.
  • -v, --version: Display the tool version and exit.
  • -h, --help: Show the help message and exit.


Get the field type of "age" in a JSON schema:

auparse_get_field_type age.json age

Get the field type of "users" in an Avro schema:

auparse_get_field_type users.avsc users

Output the field type as JSON:

auparse_get_field_type -j age.json age

Common Issues

Error: Schema file not found

  • Ensure that the provided schema file exists and is accessible.

Error: Invalid field path

  • Check the field path syntax and ensure it corresponds to a valid field within the schema.


Combine with jq for advanced filtering:

auparse_get_field_type -j age.json | jq '.type'

Use in a shell script to validate data:



field_type=$(auparse_get_field_type "$schema_file" "$data_file" "age")
if [ "$field_type" != "int" ]; then
  echo "Invalid data type for age field"
  exit 1

Related Commands

  • jq: A command-line JSON processor.
  • jsonpath: A command-line JSON path query language.
  • avro-tools: A set of tools for working with Apache Avro data.