auparse_find_field - Linux


The auparse_find_field command is a utility designed to extract specific fields from an Apache Access Log or Error Log and display the results in a tabular format. It is commonly used to parse and analyze web server log files, extracting valuable data for website traffic analysis, troubleshooting, and security auditing.


auparse_find_field [options] logfile field_name [field_name2 ...]


  • -f, –fields: Specify the fields to extract. If no fields are specified, all available fields will be extracted.
  • -d, –delimiter: Set the field delimiter used in the log file. Default: Space
  • -H, –header: Include header names in the output.
  • -i, –ignore-case: Ignore case when matching fields.
  • -n, –lines: Limit the number of lines to parse.
  • -q, –quiet: Suppress non-error messages.
  • -h, –help: Display help information.


Extract only the IP address field from an Apache Access Log:

auparse_find_field access.log remote_host

Extract multiple fields and display them with headers:

auparse_find_field -H access.log remote_host request_uri status_code

Limit the number of lines to parse:

auparse_find_field -n 100 access.log remote_host

Common Issues

  • No results returned: Ensure that the specified field names are valid and exist in the log file.
  • Incorrect field delimiter: Verify that the specified delimiter matches the delimiter used in the log file.
  • Log file not found: Check if the provided log file path is correct and accessible.
  • Malformed log entries: Corrupted or incomplete log entries can cause parsing errors.


The output of auparse_find_field can be further processed or integrated with other tools, such as:

  • grep: Filter the extracted fields based on specific criteria.
  • awk: Perform complex data transformations and analysis.
  • Shell scripting: Automate the parsing and analysis process.

Related Commands

  • tail: Display the last part of a log file.
  • less: View log files in a pager.
  • logrotate: Manage and rotate log files.