auparse_feed - Linux


auparse_feed is a powerful command-line tool designed to parse and process feed data in Linux systems. It enables users to extract, filter, and analyze data from RSS, Atom, or any other XML-based feeds, making it an invaluable asset for news aggregators, data analysts, and anyone working with online content.


auparse_feed [options] <feed_url> [<output_file>]


  • -f, --format: Specify the output format (xml, json, csv, rss, or atom). Default: xml
  • -l, --limit: Limit the number of items to parse.
  • -a, --authors: Extract and display author information.
  • -t, --tags: Extract and display tags associated with items.
  • -c, --content: Extract and display the full content of items. Default: false
  • -o, --output-file: Write the output to a specified file instead of stdout.


Simple Extraction:


Detailed Extraction with Content and Authors:

auparse_feed -c -a

Exporting Results to a JSON File:

auparse_feed -f json > feed_data.json

Common Issues

  • Invalid URL: Ensure the provided feed URL is valid and accessible.
  • Connection Issues: Check your internet connection and verify that the feed source is online.
  • XML Parsing Errors: If the feed is not well-formed, parsing errors may occur. Check the feed source for any malformed tags.


Filtering with grep:

auparse_feed -f xml | grep "keyword"

Combine with curl for Authentication:

curl -u username:password | auparse_feed

Related Commands

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  • xmlstarlet: A versatile XML processing tool.
  • feedparser: A Python library for parsing and processing feeds.