audit_update_watch_perms - Linux


audit_update_watch_perms is a command-line utility for updating the permissions for watch rules of the Linux Audit Framework. It is used to configure the access privileges for users and groups who can view or modify audit watch rules.


audit_update_watch_perms <access_rule> <path> [<access_rule> <path>]


  • access_rule: The access rule to apply to the specified path. Valid access rules are:
    • read: Allows a user or group to view the watch rules for the specified path.
    • write: Allows a user or group to modify the watch rules for the specified path.
    • deny: Denies access to the watch rules for the specified path.
  • path: The pathname or inode number of the file or directory to apply the access rule to.


There are no options or flags available for this command.


Example 1: Grant read permissions to user myuser for the file /path/to/my_file:

audit_update_watch_perms read /path/to/my_file myuser

Example 2: Deny write permissions to group other for the directory /var/log:

audit_update_watch_perms deny /var/log other

Example 3: Update permissions for multiple paths in one command:

audit_update_watch_perms read /path/to/file1 user1 read /path/to/file2 user2

Common Issues

Error: Permission denied

Solution: Ensure that the user running the command has sufficient privileges to modify the watch permissions for the specified paths.


audit_update_watch_perms can be integrated with other Linux tools to automate permission management tasks. For instance, it can be used in scripts to dynamically adjust watch permissions based on changes to file or directory ownership.

Related Commands

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  • aureport: Displays audit report data
  • ausearch: Searches audit event records