audit_name_to_syscall - Linux


audit_name_to_syscall is a command-line utility used to convert an audit system call name to its corresponding Linux system call number. It aids in understanding the relationship between the two, which is crucial for analyzing and interpreting audit logs.


audit_name_to_syscall [-h] [-s syscall_name]


  • -h: Displays the help menu.
  • -s, –syscall_name: Specifies the audit system call name to be converted to a syscall number.


Example 1: Converting a Single Audit System Call Name

$ audit_name_to_syscall -s audit_open

Example 2: Looping Through Multiple System Call Names

$ cat syscall_names.txt | while read syscall; do audit_name_to_syscall -s $syscall; done

Common Issues

  • Invalid System Call Name: If the provided audit system call name is not recognized, the command will display an error message. Ensure that the name is correct.
  • Missing "-s" Argument: The -s flag is mandatory. If it is omitted, the command will prompt for user input.


audit_name_to_syscall can be used alongside other Linux commands to automate tasks and enhance analysis capabilities.

  • grep: Filter audit logs based on specific system call names.
  • awk: Extract syscall numbers from audit logs for further processing.
  • Python: Use Python scripts to automate the retrieval and conversion of system call names.

Related Commands

  • auditctl: Control the Linux audit subsystem, including enabling/disabling auditing and modifying audit rules.
  • ausearch: Search and filter audit logs based on criteria such as syscall numbers.