audit_name_to_action - Linux


audit_name_to_action translates an audit name to an action description, providing insights into Linux auditd audit events. This command is useful for interpreting audit logs and understanding the specific actions performed on the system.


audit_name_to_action [OPTIONS] [ACTION_NAME]


  • -a, –all: List all known audit names and their action descriptions.
  • -c, –config: Specify an alternate audit configuration file.


Example 1: Get action description for a specific audit name

audit_name_to_action system_login


Login on the System

Example 2: List all audit names and action descriptions

audit_name_to_action -a


access - Access to a File

Common Issues

Error: "Unknown audit name"`: The provided audit name is not recognized.

Solution: Ensure that the audit name is spelled correctly and that it is a valid audit event name.


audit_name_to_action can be combined with other commands to analyze audit logs:

grep name /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit_name_to_action -a

Related Commands

  • audispdump: Dump audit events in various formats.
  • aureport: Generate reports based on audit events.
  • auditd(8): Daemon that logs system events.