audit_flag_to_name - Linux


audit_flag_to_name is a command used to translate an audit flag’s numerical value into its corresponding name. This command is commonly used in audit system administration to aid in understanding audit events and audit system configuration.


audit_flag_to_name [flags]


| Flag | Description |
| -v | Verbose output, prints translated flag names for each specified numerical argument |
| -d | Human readable output, prints the numerical flag to name mappings |


Simple usage:

audit_flag_to_name 1

Verbose output:

audit_flag_to_name -v 1 2 4

Human readable output:

audit_flag_to_name -d

Common Issues

No output

If no output is produced, it is possible that the specified numerical flag is invalid.


audit_flag_to_name can be used in conjunction with other audit tools, such as ausearch and aureport, to analyze audit events and audit system configuration.

Related Commands

  • auditctl – Controls kernel auditing settings
  • ausearch – Searches audit trails
  • aureport – Generates reports from audit trails