audit_delete_rule_data - Linux


audit_delete_rule_data deletes the Ruleset and all audit rules associated with it.


audit_delete_rule_data audit_id


| Option | Description |
| audit_id | The audit ID to delete. |


Simple Example

Delete the audit rule with the ID "my_audit":

audit_delete_rule_data my_audit

Common Issues

Error: Permission Denied

If you encounter a "Permission Denied" error, ensure that you have sufficient permissions to delete the audit rule.

Error: Audit Rule Not Found

If you receive an "Audit Rule Not Found" error, verify that the audit ID you provided is correct.


audit_delete_rule_data can be used in conjunction with other commands to manage audit rules. For example, you can use auditctl -l to list all audit rules and identify the ID of the rule you want to delete.

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