attr_removef - Linux


attr_removef removes a file attribute from a given path. It’s primarily used to manage extended attributes (xattrs) and security attributes associated with files and directories.


attr_removef [-f] [-v] PATH... ATTRIBUTE...


  • -f, –force: Forcefully remove the attribute, even if it’s being used by a process.
  • -v, –verbose: Print a success message for each attribute removed.


Remove a specific xattr:

attr_removef example.txt user.comment

Remove all xattrs from a directory:

attr_removef -r example.dir

Remove a security attribute:

attr_removef -f example.file security.selinux

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have write permissions for the file or directory.
  • Attribute not found: Verify that the specified attribute exists for the given path.


  • Use in scripts to automate attribute management tasks.
  • Combine with attr_displayf to inspect attributes before removing them.

Related Commands

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