attr_list_by_handle - Linux


The attr_list_by_handle command retrieves and prints the file attributes for the path specified by the file handle. This command is primarily used to inspect file attributes, facilitate data analysis, and perform advanced file management tasks.


attr_list_by_handle [path...]




Simple Example

$ attr_list_by_handle /home/user/file.txt

Complex Example with Multiple Paths

$ attr_list_by_handle /home/user/file.txt /path/to/dir/file2.txt /tmp/file3.dat

Common Issues

  • Invalid file handle: Ensure that the specified file handle is valid and refers to an existing file.
  • Permission denied: Ensure that you have sufficient permissions to access the specified files.


attr_list_by_handle can be integrated with other commands:

  • grep: Filter attribute output based on specific criteria.
  • awk: Extract specific attributes from the output.
  • xargs: Perform operations on multiple files based on their attributes.

Related Commands

  • lsattr: List file attributes
  • setfattr: Set file attributes
  • getfattr: Get file attributes