asctime - Linux


asctime converts a time tuple to a string in a human-readable format. It is commonly used for timestamping and logging purposes.


asctime([time_tuple]) -> string
  • time_tuple (optional): A time tuple representing the time to be converted. If not specified, the current time will be used.


None available.


# Convert the current time to a string
$ asctime()
'Fri Sep 23 13:37:03 2022'

# Convert a specific time tuple to a string
$ time_tuple = (2022, 9, 23, 13, 37, 3)
$ asctime(time_tuple)
'Fri Sep 23 13:37:03 2022'

Common Issues

  • Incorrect time format: Ensure that the input time tuple is in the correct format. It should be a tuple with six values: year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.


asctime can be used in conjunction with other commands for logging and timestamping:

# Log current date and time using logger
logger "$(asctime()) Hello, world!"

# Create a timestamped filename

Related Commands

  • date – Display or set the system date and time.
  • mktime – Convert a time tuple to a timestamp.
  • strftime – Convert a time tuple to a formatted string.