armscii-8 - Linux


armscii-8 is a command-line utility for generating ASCII art representations of text or images. It utilizes an 8×8 pixel font, providing a retro and pixelated aesthetic. This command is ideal for creating text-based graphics, logos, or artwork within terminals or text editors.


armscii-8 [options] <string>


  • -f, –font: Specify an alternative font file. Default: font.txt
  • -w, –width: Set the width of the output in pixels. Default: 320
  • -h, –height: Set the height of the output in pixels. Default: 240
  • -s, –scale: Scale the output by a factor. Default: 1
  • -o, –output: Save the output to a file instead of printing to stdout.
  • -c, –color: Enable colorization using ANSI color codes in the output.
  • -b, –background: Specify a background color in the format #rrggbb. Default: transparent
  • -i, –invert: Invert the colors of the output.
  • -r, –reverse: Reverse the text orientation.
  • -u, –unicode: Use Unicode characters instead of ASCII.
  • -h, –help: Display help information and exit.


  • Create ASCII art from a string:

    armscii-8 Hello, world!
  • Generate an ASCII graphic from an image file:

    armscii-8 -o my_image.txt image.png
  • Print ASCII text in red, with a 2x scale:

    armscii-8 -c -s 2 Red text example
  • Invert the colors and use a custom font:

    armscii-8 -i -f custom_font.txt Inverted ASCII art

Common Issues

  • If no string or image is provided, armscii-8 will print an error message.
  • The output size is limited by the specified width and height options.
  • When using colorization, ensure your terminal supports ANSI color codes.
  • Scaling can result in distorted output if the scale factor is too large.


armscii-8 can be combined with other Linux commands for advanced tasks. For example:

  • Create a text-based animation by chaining armscii-8 with convert and animate.
  • Generate ASCII art from a website’s text content using curl and armscii-8.

Related Commands

  • convert: Image conversion utility.
  • animate: Animated GIF creator.
  • aafire: ASCII art generator with various font options.
  • textart: Text-to-ASCII art converter.