aria_read_log - Linux


aria_read_log is a command-line utility for reading and interpreting the logs of the aria2 download manager. It provides a convenient way to extract information such as download status, transfer rates, and error messages from aria2’s log files.


aria_read_log [options/flags] [log file path]


  • -s, –summary: Print a summarized overview of the download session, including total download size, average transfer rate, time elapsed, and status.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output, displaying more detailed information about each download.
  • -c, –compact: Display information in a compact format, suitable for processing by other tools.
  • -f, –format: Specify the output format. Options include:
    • json: JSON format
    • text: Plain text format (default)
  • -h, –help: Display help information.


1. Print a summary of the download session:

aria_read_log -s log.txt

2. Display detailed information about each download in text format:

aria_read_log -v log.txt

3. Output the log in JSON format:

aria_read_log -f json log.txt

Common Issues

  • Missing log file: Ensure that the specified log file path is correct and exists.
  • Invalid log file format: aria_read_log only supports parsing aria2 log files. If the file has been modified or is corrupted, the command may not be able to interpret it.


aria_read_log can be integrated into scripts or other automated processes to monitor and analyze aria2 download sessions. For example, you could use it to generate daily reports on download progress or create alerts for failed downloads.

Related Commands

  • aria2: The main aria2 download manager.
  • aria2c: The command-line client for aria2.
  • ari2net: A web-based frontend for managing and monitoring aria2 downloads.