aria_ftdump - Linux


aria_ftdump is a tool designed to extract data from a full text index file created using the aria_fulltext module of aria2. It enables quick access to the hierarchical structure of text block indices, allowing efficient scanning of the full text.


aria_ftdump [options] <ft.dat>


  • -C : Specify the character set of the full text data (default: UTF-8).
  • -T : Set the output format type: json or text (default: text).
  • -v: Enable verbose output.
  • -h: Display help.


Extract full text index in JSON format:

aria_ftdump -T json ~/Downloads/aria2/aria2.db.ft.dat

Extract full text index in text format:

aria_ftdump ~/Downloads/aria2/aria2.db.ft.dat

Common Issues

  • Error message: "File not found."

    • Solution: Ensure that the specified ft.dat file exists and is accessible.


  • Use with Grep: Search within full text:

    aria_ftdump -T text aria2.db.ft.dat | grep "keyword"
  • Use with ExtractText: Extract text body of files:

    aria_ftdump -T text aria2.db.ft.dat | extracttext -t 1

Related Commands

  • aria2: Download utility that creates the full text index file.
  • aria_fulltext: Module that generates the full text index.