aria_dump_log - Linux


aria_dump_log is a Linux command used to extract the log entries from a specified Aria2 download task. It allows you to review and troubleshoot download issues by analyzing the download’s events and errors.


aria_dump_log <aria2c_session_file> [<session_index>]


| Flag | Description | Default Value |
| -h, –help | Display help information and exit | – |
| -v, –verbose | Enable verbose logging for detailed information | – |
| -t, –timestamp | Include timestamps in the log output | – |
| -c, –count | Specify the maximum number of log lines to display | 100 |
| -f, –from | Start displaying log lines from a specific line number | 0 |
| -s, –session-file | Provide an alternative session file to use if not specified as the first argument | – |


Display the last 20 log lines for the first download task:

aria_dump_log aria2.session -c 20

Show all log entries for a specific download task:

aria_dump_log aria2.session 2

Enable verbose logging and timestamps:

aria_dump_log -v -t aria2.session

Common Issues

  • No session file found: Ensure the specified session file exists and has the correct file name.
  • Invalid session index: Make sure the provided session index corresponds to a valid download task.


aria_dump_log can be used in conjunction with other Linux commands. For example:

  • grep to filter log entries based on specific criteria:
aria_dump_log aria2.session | grep "error"
  • tail -f to monitor log entries for active downloads:
tail -f <(aria_dump_log aria2.session)

Related Commands

  • aria2c – The Aria2 download manager
  • aria2_control – A tool for controlling Aria2 downloads