addnwstr - Linux


addnwstr is a command-line tool used to add a new network namespace (netns) for network management and isolation. It can be employed in various scenarios, such as containerization, virtualization, and network testing.




  • -b, –bridge BRIDGE_NAME: Create a bridge interface within the new netns and attach it to the specified physical bridge.
  • -c, –container CONTAINER_ID: Add the new netns to the specified Docker or Podman container.
  • -n, **–netlink NETLINK_SOCKET: Use a different netlink socket for communication with the kernel.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output to provide additional details during execution.
  • -h, –help: Print usage information and exit.


Create a new netns named "my-netns":

addnwstr my-netns

Add the new netns to a container named "container-1":

addnwstr -c container-1 my-netns

Create a bridge interface named "br0" within the netns "my-netns" and attach it to the physical bridge "eth0":

addnwstr -b eth0 my-netns

Common Issues

"addnwstr: Operation not permitted": Ensure that you have sufficient privileges (i.e., root access) to create network namespaces.


addnwstr can be integrated with other network management tools for advanced use cases:

  • ip: Manage network interfaces and routing within the created netns.
  • tc: Configure traffic control rules and shaping parameters.
  • ip link: Create and manipulate network interfaces.

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