addchnstr - Linux


addchnstr is a powerful command-line utility designed to add channel strip configurations to Avid Pro Tools sessions. It automates the creation of complex channel strip setups, saving engineers and producers a considerable amount of time.


addchnstr [-option] <channel_strip>


  • -c, –channel: Specify the channel(s) to add the channel strip configuration to.
  • -n, –name: Assign a custom name to the channel strip.
  • -s, –source: Import channel strip configuration from a specified session.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output for debugging purposes.
  • -h, –help: Display detailed command usage instructions.


Simple example:

addchnstr MyChannelStrip

Add channel strip from another session:

addchnstr -s SessionName:MyChannelStrip MyNewChannelStrip

Add channel strip to multiple channels:

addchnstr -c 1-4 MyCustomChannelStrip

Assign a custom name:

addchnstr -n "Lead Vocals Processed" MyChannelStrip

Common Issues

  • Error: Channel not found: Ensure the specified channel exists in the session.
  • Error: Session not open: Make sure the session containing the channel strip is open in Pro Tools.
  • Error: No audio interface found: Verify that an audio interface is connected and recognized by Pro Tools.


addchnstr integrates seamlessly with the Pro Tools ecosystem. It can be used in conjunction with other commands to automate complex tasks, such as:

  • Pro Tools Scripting: Combine addchnstr with Pro Tools Scripting to create powerful scripts that streamline repetitive tasks.
  • External Editing: Use addchnstr to import and export channel strip configurations between Pro Tools sessions for sharing and collaboration.

Related Commands

  • addfxchnstr: Adds a channel strip with a specified effect chain.
  • addinstr: Adds an instrument track and optionally loads a virtual instrument.
  • addtrack: Adds a new audio or MIDI track to the session.