add_wchstr - Linux


add_wchstr is a utility for concatenating wide character strings. It takes multiple wide character strings as input and combines them into a single string. The primary purpose of this tool is to simplify the manipulation of wide character strings, which can be particularly useful in scenarios involving multi-byte character encodings.


add_wchstr string1 string2 ...
  • string1, string2 …: Wide character strings to be concatenated.


This command does not have any options or flags.


Simple Concatenation:

$ add_wchstr "Hello " "World!"
Hello World!

Concatenation with Non-ASCII Characters:

$ add_wchstr "你好" "世界"

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Character Encoding: Ensure that the input strings are encoded correctly. Incorrect encoding can lead to garbled or incomplete output.
  • String Truncation: The maximum length of the concatenated string is limited by the underlying system. If the total length exceeds this limit, the string may be truncated.


Combining with Other Commands:

$ echo -n "String 1" | add_wchstr "String 2" | wc -c
17  # Character count of the concatenated string

Related Commands

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