Add WindowsFeature - PowerShell


Add-WindowsFeature is a PowerShell command used to install and enable optional Windows features, such as roles, services, or components. It simplifies the process of adding features to a Windows system without the need for manual configuration or GUI interactions.


Add-WindowsFeature [-Name] <String[]> [-IncludeManagementTools] [-LogPath] <String> [-Restart] [-WhatIf]


  • -Name (Required): Specifies the name of the feature(s) to be installed. Multiple features can be listed separated by commas.
  • -IncludeManagementTools (Optional): Includes management tools for the installed feature(s). Default: False
  • -LogPath (Optional): Specifies the path to a log file where the installation progress will be recorded. Default: None
  • -Restart (Optional): Automatically restarts the computer after installation if necessary. Default: False
  • -WhatIf (Optional): Shows what the command would do without actually performing the action.


Example 1: Installing a Single Feature

Add-WindowsFeature -Name "Telnet-Client"

Example 2: Installing Multiple Features with Management Tools

Add-WindowsFeature -Name "Remote-Server-Administration-Tools", "Windows-PowerShell" -IncludeManagementTools

Example 3: Installation with Logging and Restart

Add-WindowsFeature -Name "Hyper-V" -LogPath "C:\WindowsFeatureInstallation.log" -Restart

Common Issues

  • Feature not Found: Verify that the specified feature name is correct and that it’s available for your Windows version.
  • Installation Failed: Check the log file (if specified) or Event Viewer for error details. Ensure the required dependencies are met.
  • Computer Restart Required: Remember to manually restart the computer if the -Restart option was not used.


Add-WindowsFeature can be integrated with other commands to automate feature installation and configuration.

# Install Hyper-V and enable Hyper-V management tools
Add-WindowsFeature -Name Hyper-V -IncludeManagementTools | Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online
  • Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature: Enables installed features.
  • Get-WindowsFeature: Gets information about installed Windows features.
  • Remove-WindowsFeature: Uninstalls Windows features.