Add History - PowerShell


Add-History is a PowerShell command that adds a command to the PowerShell history. This allows you to recall and reuse previously executed commands, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.


Add-History [-Command] <String> [-NoDate] [-NoDuplication] [-Tags <String[]>] [-HistoryId <Int32>]


  • -Command: Specifies the command to add to the history. Required.
  • -NoDate: Omits the date from the history entry.
  • -NoDuplication: Prevents duplicate entries from being added to the history.
  • -Tags: Adds specified tags to the history entry. Supports multiple tags separated by commas.
  • -HistoryId: Sets a specific ID for the history entry.


  • Add a command to the history:
Add-History Get-Date
  • Add a command with tags:
Add-History -Command Update-Database -Tags "Database,Update"
  • Suppress date from history entry:
Add-History -Command "echo Hello" -NoDate

Common Issues

  • Incorrectly formatted commands: Ensure the command specified in -Command is valid and formatted correctly.
  • History size limitations: PowerShell history has a size limit. Consider using Clear-History or Set-HistorySize to manage history size.
  • Duplicate entries: The -NoDuplication flag can prevent duplicate entries, but it may be necessary to manually remove them using Get-History.


  • Use Get-History to retrieve history entries based on various criteria.
  • Pipe history entries to Invoke-History to re-execute them.
  • Employ the -HistoryId option to integrate with custom scripts or tools that manage history records.