acs_map - Linux


acs_map is a command used in Linux environments to map Autonomous Cloud Service (ACS) namespaces to Kubernetes clusters. It simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud providers.


acs-map [flags] <command> [command-args]

where <command> can be one of:

  • create
  • update
  • delete
  • get
  • list


  • -h, --help: Display help information and exit
  • -v, --verbose: Enable verbose output
  • --acs-namespace: Specify the ACS namespace ID
  • --acs-region: Specify the ACS region the namespace belongs to
  • --cluster-name: Specify the name of the Kubernetes cluster
  • --cloud-provider: Specify the cloud provider where the cluster is located


Map an ACS namespace to a Kubernetes cluster:

acs-map create --acs-namespace my-namespace --acs-region eastus --cluster-name my-cluster

Update the mapping:

acs-map update --acs-namespace my-namespace --cluster-name my-cluster --cloud-provider azure

Delete the mapping:

acs-map delete --acs-namespace my-namespace

Get the mapping details:

acs-map get --acs-namespace my-namespace

List all mappings:

acs-map list

Common Issues

  • Cannot create mapping: Ensure the ACS namespace exists and the Kubernetes cluster is accessible.
  • Cluster not found: Verify the cluster name and cloud provider are correct.


Create a Kubernetes cluster and map it to an ACS namespace:

eksctl create cluster --name my-cluster --region us-east-1
aws acs-map create --acs-namespace my-namespace --cluster-name my-cluster

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