acosl - Linux


acosl calculates the inverse cosine of a complex number. This function is primarily used in complex analysis and signal processing to find the angle of a complex number in the complex plane.




acosl does not have any options or flags.


# Find the inverse cosine of 1 + 2i
acosl(1 + 2i)
# Output: 0.47123889803846896 + 1.5707963267948966i

Common Issues

  • NaN Result: If the input complex number has an absolute value greater than 1, the result will be NaN (Not a Number).
  • Numerical Instability: For complex numbers close to -1 or 1, the result may be numerically unstable due to the cancellation of terms.


acosl can be combined with other complex arithmetic functions, such as sinl, cosl, and tanl, to perform complex calculations.

Related Commands

  • sinl: Calculate the sine of a complex number.
  • cosl: Calculate the cosine of a complex number.
  • tanl: Calculate the tangent of a complex number.