acoshl - Linux


acoshl is a mathematical utility that computes the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a given input value. It is used to determine the angle whose hyperbolic cosine is the input value. It finds applications in various fields such as mathematics, physics, and engineering.


acoshl <VALUE>


<VALUE>: The input numeric value for which the inverse hyperbolic cosine is to be computed.


There are no options or flags available for acoshl.


  • Compute the inverse hyperbolic cosine of 2:
$ acoshl 2
  • Solve an equation involving the inverse hyperbolic cosine:
acosh(x) = 3
x = coshl(3) ≈ 10.06766207039412

Common Issues

  • Invalid input: acoshl only accepts positive numerical values. If a negative value or a non-numeric character is provided, it returns an error.
  • Overflow error: If the input value is too large, it can lead to an overflow error. Use a higher precision data type or reduce the input value to avoid this.


  • Integration with other mathematical utilities: acoshl can be combined with other mathematical utilities, such as cosh and sinh, to perform complex mathematical operations.
  • Use in scripts: acoshl can be utilized in scripts or command chains to automate mathematical calculations or solve mathematical equations.

Related Commands

  • cosh: Hyperbolic cosine
  • sinh: Hyperbolic sine
  • atanh: Inverse hyperbolic tangent