acl_set_tag_type - Linux


acl_set_tag_type modifies the tag type of a file or directory. Access control lists (ACLs) are used to control access to files and directories and can be extended with tags. Tags are arbitrary strings that can be used to categorize files and directories.


acl_set_tag_type [-d] [-t type] [-f] <acl_tag> <file|dir>


Set the tag type for a directory instead of a file.

Specify the tag type. This is a descriptive string that can be used to identify the tag type. If not specified, the default tag type is user.

Force the operation even if the file or directory already has a tag of a different type.


Example 1: Set the tag type for a file to project.

acl_set_tag_type -t project my_file

Example 2: Forcefully set the tag type for a directory to department.

acl_set_tag_type -d -t department -f /home/users

Common Issues

  • Error: "type not specified"
    • Use the -t option to specify a tag type.
  • Error: "cannot set tag type for a non-existent file or directory"
    • Ensure that the specified file or directory exists.


acl_set_tag_type can be integrated with other commands to manage ACLs and tags. For instance, to list all tags for a file, use:

acl_show_tags my_file

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