acl_init - Linux


acl_init initializes an ACL (Access Control List) entry for a file or directory. It is primarily used to set up access permissions for files and directories on Linux systems, providing fine-grained control over who can access and modify resources.


acl_init <file/directory>


This command does not have any options or flags.


Initialize ACL for a file:

acl_init my_file.txt

Initialize ACL for a directory:

acl_init my_directory

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure that you have appropriate permissions to modify the file or directory.
  • File or directory not found: Check that the specified path is correct and that the file or directory exists.


With setfacl:

Setfacl can be used to modify ACL entries after initialization. For example:

acl_init my_file.txt
setfacl -m u:alice:rw my_file.txt

With getfacl:

Getfacl can be used to view ACL entries:

acl_init my_file.txt
getfacl my_file.txt

Related Commands

  • getfacl: View ACL entries
  • setfacl: Modify ACL entries
  • chgrp: Change group ownership
  • chown: Change user ownership