acl_get_qualifier - Linux


acl_get_qualifier is a command-line tool that allows users to modify access permissions on files and directories using Access Control Lists (ACLs). It provides advanced control over file and directory permissions, enabling more granular and flexible management of access rights. This tool is commonly used by system administrators and users who require intricate access control mechanisms.


acl_get_qualifier [OPTIONS] <PATH>


  • -i: Show extended qualifier information (ID, Flags, Scope).
  • -r: Recursively apply changes to all files and directories within the specified path.
  • -s: Show all qualifiers, including inherited ones.
  • -v: Enable verbose output mode, displaying detailed information about each operation.
  • -h: Display a help message.


Setting a Qualifier

sudo acl_get_qualifier -i /path/to/file



Removing a Qualifier

sudo acl_get_qualifier -r /path/to/directory

Common Issues

  • Permission Denied: Ensure you have appropriate permissions to modify ACLs.
  • Invalid Path: Verify that the specified path exists and is valid.
  • Syntax Errors: Check the syntax of your command carefully and ensure you have used the correct options.


acl_get_qualifier can be combined with other commands for advanced access control tasks:

  • acl_manage: Manage ACLs on files and directories.
  • chmod: Modify basic file and directory permissions.
  • chown: Change file and directory ownership.

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