acl_delete_def_file - Linux


acl_delete_def_file removes an existing default access control list (ACL) file from a file system. It allows managing default ACLs, which apply to newly created files and directories within a file system.


acl_delete_def_file <file-system>


This command has no available options or flags.


  • Delete the default ACL file for /data file system:
acl_delete_def_file /data

Common Issues

  • Error: "No such file or directory"
    • Solution: Ensure the specified file system exists and is properly mounted.


acl_delete_def_file can be used in conjunction with other ACL management commands, such as:

  • setfattr: To set ACLs on a specific file or directory
  • getfacl: To retrieve the ACLs of a file or directory
  • acl: To manage ACLs for users and groups

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