acl_copy_int - Linux


acl_copy_int is a Linux command that copies POSIX Access Control Lists (ACLs) from one file or directory to another. It provides flexible and granular control over file permissions, allowing administrators to specify precise access rights for different users and groups.


acl_copy_int <source-file> <destination-file> [options]


  • -a, –append
    Append the ACLs from the source to the existing ACLs on the destination.

  • -d, –default
    Copy the default ACL from the source to the destination, overwriting any existing default ACL.

  • -e, –effect
    Print the ACLs that would be set on the destination without making any modifications.

  • –no-recurse
    Do not copy ACLs to child directories and files.

  • -v, –verbose
    Print verbose output during the copy process.


Simple ACL Copy:

acl_copy_int source_file destination_file

Append ACLs to Existing ACLs:

acl_copy_int -a source_file destination_file

Copy Default ACL:

acl_copy_int -d source_file destination_file

Common Issues

No ACLs to Copy:

If the source file does not have any ACLs, the command will not copy anything. Verify that the ACLs exist before running the command.

Permission Denied:

Ensure that you have sufficient permissions to both read the source file’s ACLs and modify the destination file’s ACLs.


Integrating with Other Commands:

find /path/to/directory -type f -exec acl_copy_int -a {} /path/to/new_dir/{} \;

This command finds all regular files in the specified directory and copies their ACLs to the corresponding files in the new_dir directory, appending them to existing ACLs.

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