abipkgdiff - Linux


abipkgdiff compares two sets of package interfaces (ABIs) and generates a report on the ABI changes. It’s invaluable for library and application maintainers to detect source- and binary-level incompatibilities.


abipkgdiff [options] <pkg1.so> <pkg2.so>


  • -t, –strictness=: Specify verbosity level (range: 0-2, default: 0).
  • -a, –all=: Specify level of symbol matching (range: 0-2, default: 0).
  • -s, –simple: Print only the most basic ABI changes.
  • -f, –file=: Write output to a file (default: stdout).
  • -r, –resolution=: Specify symbol resolution strategy (range: 0-3, default: 0).
  • -h, –help: Display usage information.


Comparing two libraries (basic):

abipkgdiff /lib/libnet.so /lib/libnet2.so

Generating a comprehensive report:

abipkgdiff -t 2 -a 2 -r 3 /usr/lib/libfoo.so /opt/libs/libfoo2.so -f report.txt

Common Issues

  • Ensure that both input files are ABI-compatible.
  • When facing unexpected output, try adjusting the -a or -r options.
  • If comparing symbol-heavy libraries, limit the verbosity with -t 0.


Generating a diff for automatic testing:

pkgA=$(find . -name 'liba.so')
pkgB=$(find . -name 'libb.so')
abipkgdiff -s -f $diff_report $pkgA $pkgB
# ... Test script continues here, verifying diff_report ...

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