abidw - Linux


abidw is a text editor specifically designed for editing ABIF (Application Binary Interface) headers for embedded Linux development. It offers a user-friendly interface with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and validation features to simplify and expedite the creation and maintenance of ABIs.


abidw [options] <file>


  • -n or –new: Create a new ABIF header file.
  • -o or –output: Specify the output filename for a new header.
  • -v or –version: Display version information.
  • -h or –help: Display this help message.


Create a new ABIF header:

abidw -n my_new_header.h

Open and edit an existing ABIF header:

abidw my_existing_header.h

Common Issues

  • Invalid syntax: Ensure that the ABIF header follows the correct syntax and structure. abidw will provide error messages indicating any syntax violations.
  • Name conflicts: Verify that the name of the new header is unique and does not conflict with any existing headers.


abidw can be integrated with other tools in embedded Linux development workflows:

  • Makefile: Use abidw to generate ABIF headers during the build process.
  • Version control: Track changes to ABIF headers using version control systems like Git.

Related Commands

  • abi – Create and manipulate ABIs
  • abi-verify – Verify ABIs for correctness