a64l - Linux


a64l is a Linux command-line utility for translating between AT&T 649E and Bell 103D line numbers. These line numbers are used to describe the terminal connection used by a teletypewriter. a64l is commonly used to convert line numbers in old documents or to troubleshoot communication issues involving TeleTypewriter (TTY) devices.


a64l [OPTIONS] [103D-line-number]...


  • -a64: Translate a 103D line number to a 649E line number.
  • -b103: Translate a 649E line number to a 103D line number.
  • -q: Quiet mode, suppresses error messages.
  • -d: Display the default translation table instead of doing a translation.
  • -h/--help: Display help text.


To translate 103D line number 240 to 649E:

a64l -a64 240

To translate 649E line number 61 to 103D:

a64l -b103 61

To display the default translation table:

a64l -d

Common Issues

  • Incorrect entry of the line number. Ensure the provided line number is valid and in the correct format.
  • Using line numbers that are not within the valid range. a64l expects 649E line numbers to be between 0 and 63, and 103D line numbers to be between 0 and 255.


a64l can be used with other commands to automate tasks. For example, the following command chain translates a file named "line_numbers.txt" containing 103D line numbers, saves the output to "a64_line_numbers.txt", and sorts the results:

cat line_numbers.txt | a64l -a64 > a64_line_numbers.txt | sort -n

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