_flushlbf - Linux


_flushlbf is a system management command specifically designed to reset load balancing policies, pools, and health checks configured in the Linux Bonding (LBF) module. It offers a straightforward way to wipe existing configurations, enabling admins to reconfigure LBF settings from scratch.


_flushlbf [nic]


  • nic: (Optional) Network interface name for which the LBF configuration should be flushed. Omitting this parameter flushes LBF configurations for all interfaces.


Flush LBF configurations for a specific interface:

_flushlbf eth0

Flush LBF configurations for all interfaces:


Common Issues

  • Permission denied error: Ensure the user executing the command has sufficient privileges (root or sudo).

  • Interface not found error: Confirm that the specified interface exists and is correctly configured.


Combining with ifconfig: After flushing LBF configurations, use ifconfig to reconfigure network interfaces with new bonding settings.

ifconfig eth0 bond-mode <new_mode>

Related Commands

  • brctl: Manages network bridges
  • ip link: Displays and modifies network interfaces
  • bonding: Sets up and manages Linux Bonding (LBF)