__free_hook - Linux


__free_hook is a utility command used to manage and manipulate memory used by Linux applications. It allows users to view and control the memory usage of processes on the system, facilitating memory optimization and troubleshooting.


__free_hook [-h] [-v] [-m] [-o <output>]


-h, –help
Prints the command help menu.

-v, –version
Displays the command version.

-m, –merge
Merges consecutive free blocks into one block.

-o , –output
Specifies the file path to which the output should be written. If not specified, the output is written to STDOUT.


Simple Usage:

Display a snapshot of the current memory usage:


Advanced Usage:

Merge consecutive free blocks and save the output to a file:

__free_hook -m -o /home/user/memory_usage.txt

Common Issues

  • Permission Denied: Make sure you have sufficient privileges to access and modify memory usage of processes.
  • Invalid Output: If the output is not as expected, verify the command syntax and file permissions for the output file.


free_hook can be integrated with other commands for advanced memory management tasks. For instance, it can be combined with grep to filter results for specific processes:

__free_hook | grep -i "my_process"

Related Commands

  • ps – Display process information
  • top – Display system processes and memory usage
  • vmstat – Report virtual memory statistics