__flbf - Linux


flbf is a versatile command-line tool used to convert or handle files in different formats. It provides a wide range of options for managing file conversions and offers support for various data types, making it an essential tool for file manipulation tasks.


__flbf__ [--options] [input_file] [output_file]


  • –to-csv: Converts input to CSV format.
  • –to-json: Converts input to JSON format.
  • –to-txt: Converts input to plain text format.
  • –format: Specifies the desired output format (CSV/JSON/TXT). Defaults to input file extension.
  • –delimiter: Sets the field delimiter for CSV output. Default is comma.
  • –fields-only: Outputs only field names for CSV format.
  • –header: Includes a header row for CSV and JSON output. Default is true.
  • –flatten: Flattens JSON objects for easier data manipulation. Default is false.


Convert a JSON file to CSV:

__flbf__ --to-csv input.json output.csv

Convert a TXT file to JSON and flatten it:

__flbf__ --to-json --flatten input.txt output.json

Extract field names from a CSV file:

__flbf__ --fields-only input.csv

Common Issues

  • Error in file conversion: Ensure the input file is in a supported format.
  • Empty output: Check if the input file contains valid data.
  • Incorrect field delimiter in CSV: Specify the correct delimiter using the --delimiter option.


flbf can be integrated with other commands for advanced processing:

  • Pipe output to another command:
__flbf__ input.json | jq '.[] | .name'
  • Use as a subcommand in scripts:
__flbf__ --to-csv $1 $2
sed -i 's/,/, /g' $2

Related Commands

  • jq: Processes JSON data using a query language.
  • csvtool: Manipulates CSV files, including merging and splitting.
  • pandas: Python library for data analysis and manipulation.