How to fix “The specified thread is already joining a task. [ERROR_THREAD_ALREADY_IN_TASK (0x610)]” – Error Code 1552


Error Code 1552

Error code Error Code 1552 is a common Windows issue that typically arises from “The specified thread is already joining a task. [ERROR_THREAD_ALREADY_IN_TASK (0x610)]”.


In this article, we’ll focus on resolving the issue described as: “The specified thread is already joining a task. [ERROR_THREAD_ALREADY_IN_TASK (0x610)]”. This error, identified by the error code Error Code 1552, can impede your system’s performance, and here’s how you can fix it.

Identifying the Problem

Error Code 1552 occurs when a thread attempts to join a task that it is already a part of. This can happen due to various reasons, including:

  • Race conditions during task creation and thread joining.
  • Improper thread synchronization mechanisms.
  • Bugs in multithreaded applications.

Common Fixes

1. Check for Race Conditions:

  • Review the code where the thread is created to ensure it waits for the thread to be fully initialized before joining it.
  • Use appropriate synchronization primitives (e.g., mutexes, semaphores) to prevent multiple threads from joining the same task simultaneously.

2. Verify Thread Synchronization:

  • Ensure that proper locking mechanisms are in place to control access to shared resources and prevent data races.
  • Use synchronization techniques such as atomic variables, locks, and condition variables to coordinate thread execution.

3. Debug Multithreaded Applications:

  • Use debugging tools to identify the thread that is causing the error and its execution context.
  • Check for incorrect thread states (e.g., a thread that is already terminated or has exited).

Advanced Troubleshooting

1. Check for Deadlocks:

  • Analyze the thread execution path to identify potential deadlocks caused by circular waits or resource starvation.
  • Use tools like “tasklist” and “threadlist” to monitor thread states and resource ownership.

2. Examine System Logs:

  • Check system event logs (e.g., Event Viewer) for additional error messages or warnings related to thread synchronization issues.
  • Look for entries that mention Error Code 1552 or related errors.

3. Update Software and Drivers:

  • Ensure that your operating system, application software, and drivers are up to date.
  • Updates may include fixes for known bugs related to thread synchronization.


Error Code 1552 can be resolved by addressing race conditions, verifying thread synchronization, and debugging multithreaded applications. In advanced scenarios, checking for deadlocks, examining system logs, and updating software can further assist in resolving the issue. By applying these solutions, you can restore your system’s stability and prevent future occurrences of Error Code 1552.