How to fix “The event log file has changed between read operations. [ERROR_EVENTLOG_FILE_CHANGED (0x5DF)]” – Error Code 1503


Error Code 1503

Error code Error Code 1503 is a common Windows issue that typically arises from “The event log file has changed between read operations. [ERROR_EVENTLOG_FILE_CHANGED (0x5DF)]”.


In this article, we’ll focus on resolving the issue described as: “The event log file has changed between read operations. [ERROR_EVENTLOG_FILE_CHANGED (0x5DF)]”. This error, identified by the error code Error Code 1503, can impede your system’s performance, and here’s how you can fix it.

Identifying the Problem

Error Code 1503 arises when the system attempts to read the event log file but encounters changes between read operations. This can occur due to various reasons, including:

  • Concurrent access by multiple applications or processes
  • Corrupted event log file
  • File permissions issues

Common Fixes

1. Restart the Event Log Service
Restarting the Event Log service can resolve temporary glitches that might be causing the error.
* Press Windows Key + R
* Type ‘services.msc’ and press Enter
* Locate ‘Event Log’, right-click and select ‘Restart’

2. Check File Permissions
Ensure your user account has sufficient permissions to access the event log file.
* Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs
* Right-click on the EventLog.evtx file and select ‘Properties’
* Check if your user account has ‘Read’ permissions in the ‘Security’ tab

3. Run System File Checker
The System File Checker scans and repairs corrupted system files, including the event log file.
* Press Windows Key + R
* Type ‘cmd’ and press Enter
* Inside the command prompt, type ‘sfc /scannow’

Advanced Troubleshooting

1. Disable Antivirus/Firewall
Security software can sometimes interfere with the event log file. Temporarily disable these programs to see if it resolves the issue.

2. Clear Event Log File
Clearing the event log file can sometimes fix the problem. Use the following command in an elevated command prompt:
* wevtutil clear-log EventLog /f

3. Rebuild the Event Log Database
This is a more advanced solution that should be attempted only if other fixes fail.
* Open Event Viewer
* Right-click on ‘Event Viewer’ and select ‘Properties’
* Under ‘General’ tab, click on ‘Clear All Logs’ and then ‘OK’
* Event Log service will restart automatically, rebuilding the database


Error Code 1503 can be effectively resolved by implementing the solutions outlined above. Restart the Event Log service, verify file permissions, run System File Checker, and if necessary, disable antivirus/firewall, clear the event log file, or rebuild the event log database. Preventing future occurrences includes:

  • Using a reliable antivirus program to protect against malware
  • Granting appropriate permissions to event log files
  • Regularly checking for and installing system updates