How to Mirror (Cast) iPhone to Amazon Fire TV Stick

We all want to see our phone media on TV. However, we aren’t able to do so on many TVs. Amazon Fire TV Stick has options that let you do these things easily. Amazon Fire TV Stick can install an app that lets you do these things easily. Let’s see how it is done.

How to Mirror Cast iPhone to Firestick

It’s Easy. What you’re going to require is an active internet connection, a FireTV Stick, an iPhone and a few minutes of time. Let’s get started.

Install Cast App on Firestick and iPhone

  • Search for the keyword “video tv cast“
  • Locate the app Video & TV cast
  • Tap Download and install it on your Firestick

Cast from iPhone to Fire TV Stick

  • Launch the App you just installed
  • Tap Menu icon (three horizontal lines)
  • Tap Personal Media option
  • Tap the photos to mirror your local photos on the TV screen.

That’s it, you’re done. Now you can enjoy the photos from your iPhone to the Amazon Fire TV Stick easily without much hassle and watch it with your entire group of friends/family.

Apps to Mirror iPhone to FireStick

You can try out these apps on the Amazon Fire TV Stick to mirror your iPhone to the Firestick.

AirPlayMirror Receiver

This app will cost you $4.99 but does a good job in the mirroring of iPhone to Amazon FireStick. AirPlayMirror Receiver is a good option to go for in Amazon FireStick.


AllCast app is one of the best options to go for if you’re considering a paid app to mirror your iPhone to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This app will cost you around $4.99 for the Premium Version.

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